John Collins teaches dynamic Vinyasa Yoga all over London. He has been practising Yoga for over 15 years.

About me 

I stumbled across Yoga in 2000 whilst living and working in America. A great friend of mine had been practicing Ashtanga for some time and asked if I fancied joining him the next morning at 6am... To this day I'm not sure why I said yes, as getting up before anyone else to practice Yoga in a friend's garage was certainly not my usual morning routine. But, bleary eyed, I stepped onto the mat and have never looked back. 

A regular practice brings with it so much; focus, health, determination, a real knowledge of the self, strength of mind as well as body, and a profound connection with others. Starting Yoga 17 years ago has undoubtedly changed my life. My body, diet and most importantly mind have all changed, I think Yoga is, quite literally, magic. 

5 years ago, thanks to my incredible wife, I made another yoga discovery. She asked me if I fancied (here we go again) taking a class with a brilliant teacher she'd found... I have been practising with Stewart Gilchrist ever since and am indebted to him for his wonderful teaching, encouragement and commitment to yoga. When I discovered that Stewart was to direct the teacher training at The Power Yoga Company, I knew I had to take the leap and do my best to become a teacher... one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Outside of my family, Yoga is my greatest love. I will be forever grateful to all the people who have taught me and everyone I've had the privilege to practice with. My aim is to teach an authentic, challenging Yoga class with good humour and love. 

                              John and his assistant


John teaches yoga at various locations across London as well as private classes for individuals, groups and businesses. If you're interested in finding out more please get in touch. 



7.00 AM - Yogarise - Peckham 

10.00 AM - The House of Yoga - Putney

12.30 PM - The House of Yoga - Putney

8.00 PM - Dragonfly - Brockley



6.30 AM - The Power Yoga Company  - Fulham

8.15 AM - The Power Yoga Company - Fulham

10.00 AM - The House of Yoga - Putney

6.45 PM - Push Studios - East Dulwich


8.00 AM - The Light Centre - Moorgate

1.15 PM - The Light Centre - Moorgate


7.00 AM - Kindred Yoga - Deptford



7.00 AM - Dragonfly - Brockley

8.15 AM - Dragonfly - Brockley


8.30 AM Yogarise  - Peckham


John is and planning retreats in the UK and Europe in 2019. To find out more or register your interest, click here


John leads multiple workshops in the UK to focus on specific aspects of the practice. If you'd be interested to find out more, please get in touch

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